Elaboration of client-specific manuals for VAT and duty legislation

Our experience reveals that VAT specific know-how is often concentrated on one or a few staff members in medium or large firms. Normally, the internal person responsible for VAT is only called in at a time when the course is already set and fiscal complications have occurred.

It can be made sure with the elaboration of a VAT manual that represents the specific transactions and operational workflows of your firm that not only the person in charge of VAT but also the other departments (such as logistics, purchase and sale, accounting) are sensitized to VAT problems, can answer standard questions independently and take the necessary steps in case of need (e.g. registration in EU).

You cannot only avoid costly mistakes with the elaboration of a VAT manual but also multiple clarifications. Moreover, it makes sure that the VAT know-how also remains within your firm in case the person in charge of VAT resigns (see also In-house training of the staff).

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